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Money Exchange refers to a business of exchanging of one currency for another currency. Currency exchange profits through its services either from adjusting the exchange rate or by taking the commission. This service is offered by a financial institution or even by a bank. Exchange rate is a rate at which the currencies are exchanged for one another. Let’s take an example, interbank exchange rate of 69 Indian rupees to the United States dollar implies that Rs.69 will be exchanged for one U.S dollar. Currency exchange rates are generally floating; they fluctuate on the basis of a large number of factors.

Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) fixes the Exchange Rates; it is a global and the biggest market for trading of the currencies. It is open to a broad range of buyers and sellers 24 hours a day but it is closed on weekends. Foreign Exchange rate is the everyday money exchange rate fixed by the central bank of every country. National banks or (central banks) use these rates to assess the behavior of their domestic currency. Stronger the domestic currency more the amount of foreign currency you can buy, the weaker it is lesser the amount you can buy and the least you can enjoy the benefits like shopping, travelling, investing etc.

Where to exchange currency?
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To make it even simpler, there are many websites that offer the facility of forex trading online. You can also purchase forex cards from these websites and keep yourself updated with the everyday currency exchange rates as well

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